01 | WHO I AM

Hey, hi!  I'm a full time photographer living my best life in Queenstown, New Zealand. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I moved to New Zealand 3 years ago, because why the hell not?! I'm awkward, a strange mix of an extrovert and introvert, am adamant that the Canadian Tuxedo is the coolest thing ever and am only 5'2. I promise I'll make your adventure through New Zealand (or beyond!) epic, intimate and unique!

Queenstown Wedding photographer



02 | WHAT I DO

I take photos of epic couples and real people. No lame posing or forced smiles 'round here. I take photos of my clients just being themselves, the laughs, the cries, the good, the bad- everything. 

My passion for photography grew from those butterfly feelings you get when you experience true, awesome love. When your partner takes you by the hand and you run like crazy people to catch the last train, or when you're sitting on your couch together and are too afraid to get up to use the washroom because you'll never be able to find your way back into that comfy position (no matter how hard you try to memorise it). Being able to capture what that means to all different people is my greatest amour. Wether that be sitting close sharing all your deepest thoughts, or tickling your other half until they can barely breathe. It's all epic and it's always unique. 

Sometimes on their wedding day as their faces hurt from smiling so much, sometimes in their living room with dishes in the sink and laundry on the couch, the real stuff. 

My clients have to know what they are getting into when they hire me (kay.. that sounded way more scary than I meant it ahah!) but for real- you have to be ready to have dirty shoes and messy hair by the end of our session, while laughing along the way. 

I’m not about stiff awkward stagnant 90's poses, because lets be real, those kinds of pictures suck to take and suck to pose for. Ditch the textured backdrops and the matching turtlenecks, none of that is happening on my watch. I want to see the real you. The person your dog thinks you are. I want to see the genuine, quirky, sarcastic, teasing, gentle, fun and unique love that you have for one another. All those factors together will show what you’re all about and create memories that last a life time. If that sounds like your kinda jam, let's chat