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Intimate Weddings + Elopement


I can't even tell you how much I love a small, intimate setting for your wedding day. There's no stress, minimal planning, you can spend all your money on everything you've dreamed of, and you can do it in an incredibly beautiful place not possible when you have a large group of guests

Sounds perfect right?

Eloping isn't for everyone but when you know, you know. If you are all about that stress-free life and don't care about getting soaked in the rain or under a waterfall and are emotionally prepared to cry your eyes out, then I think we are going to be best friends. I classify elopements/ intimate weddings as two to thirty people. 

If you are on the fence, get in touch with me about a few alternatives I've share with some of my couples who have a big wedding, but do something special with me first. It's pretty rad and I highly suggest it to all of my couples. 


4700 | Collection 1 

+ 8hrs coverage
+ online gallery w/ printing rights
+ 400+ color + bw images

3600 | Collection 2

+ 6hrs coverage
+ online gallery w/ printing rights
+ 350+ color + bw images

2900 | Collection 3 

+ 4hrs coverage
+ online gallery w/ printing rights
+ 250+ color + bw images

1500 | Collection 4

+ 2hrs coverage
+ online gallery w/ printing rights
+ 100+ color + bw images