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This summer (In Canada) I got the opportunity to be on the other side of the lens with two photographer friends, Robyn Bessenger and Dylaina Gollub. It was hot, it was sunny, and damn, it was nerve racking. I forgot how hard it was to be in front of the camera... or rather, I had the idea in my head that it was going to be hard to be in front of the camera. Obviously.. I'm crazy. 

Queenstown Photographer

As a photographer, half your job is making people comfortable, getting them to pull down their walls and just forget I'm there. So why then, was I so scared to get my picture taken? I obviously trusted my friends, I knew that the images would come out fine, and I definitely knew I could pose.... so what the hell was I so scared of? 

I was scared my friends would see the things I didn't like about myself. 

Queenstown Photographer

Even though I had full trust in their photographic ability, there was still that underlying feeling they would catch a moment where my eyes were squinty or my hair looked stringy or so help me god, I was inn the middle of talking and looked like a walrus. But what I completely looked over was, their sole purpose of taking the image was to create something beautiful, and something that represented me. There was NO WAY Dylaina was going to go through her whole photo and editing process to come out the other side to a bad photo of me, photographers don't have time for that shit. That just doesn't make sense. 

It's common to get this exact reaction from my clients, I would say 7 out of 10. Although, it's rare for people to say it outright. Usually the insecurity is veiled with, "you can just photoshop that, right?" or "just don't get my fat roles" (okay, maybe not so veiled..) 

Queenstown Boudoir Photographer

There is a certain level of vulnerability that you have to give up when you choose to step in front of my camera, and for a lot of people, it's an uncomfortable amount of vulnerability. I get it, I've felt it. In fact, one of the main reasons in the beginning for becoming a photographer was so I didn't have to be the person in the photos... that changed as my journey went on, but it was still part of the reason I began. 

But when we actually sit down and talk about those insecurities, I promise, my whole purpose in photography, is to create images that show your best self and the connection you have to your loved ones, including yourself. This was something I remembered as soon as we started shooting, but even I needed to remind myself of that. Being self conscious is a bitch. But when you book with me there should be no fear, no hesitation and no wall. When I work for you, I am nothing but vulnerable as well. Photography is my life, and capturing the beauty in everyday moments and connection between people is my passion. I won't photoshop you, I won't let you hide from me, and I'll still make sure you looking fucking amazing!! 


Queenstown boudoir photographer

Take it easy guys! Until next time.