3 Reasons You Need a Corporate Headshot // Just My Opinion

In 2016, Professional Headshots aren't just for CEOs and Realtors anymore. With all these social spaces such as LinkedIn and Facebook for your business, it is important for your potential and current clients to know what you look like. No one wants to do business with a stranger, so with a business headshot, you get to introduce yourself before they even think about contacting you. 


1. You've only got one chance to impress

So why not just use that photo from your last Christmas party that Karen took? Or use your 16-megapixel phone camera to take your photo? Because "don't judge a book by it's cover" is a sweet testament, but in the real world of business is horsecrap. A selfie or a cropped casual photo is no way to show that you are a professional business person. In business, we judge the company based on their image almost exclusively 85% of the time before making first contact, and online, other than referrals, that's all your company is judged on. If the only photo of you on your website is from 3 years ago in your kitchen, byeeeee

Queenstown Corporate headshot


2. Stand out

Everyone and their cousin is an entrepreneur, small business owner or business person, so how is the average consumer suppose to differentiate between you and joe blow down the street? YOUR HEADSHOT. Stand out from the crowd with recruiters, potential employers, and important future contacts with a high quality, ascetically pleasing headshot. A great photo in 2016 is on pare with a great resume online.


3. Keep it fresh

Okay, so you have a headshot already... plot twist.. it's from 1997. Guess what my friend, if your headshot was a human, it's graduated from high school already. You change a lot and so do the fashion, and business trends year to year. Not to even begin to mention improvements in image quality that can take place in that time. Personally, I would recommend having a new headshot done every 2-3 years. That sounds excessive, I know, but what happens when you're meeting a client and they've only seen your headshot from 7 years ago. Confusion. It will just causes confusion.  


Final thoughts, just freaking do it! Today, headshots are a must for your business. I don't care if you "don't like getting your picture taken" or "have gained weight and want to loose it first". Corporate headsets are about relaying to your clients what you look like, and who they will be doing business with. That's it. 

Seriously though, no more selfies... please.

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