My Reaction To Working For Free // Just My Opinion

Queenstown Boudoir, Portrait, Business and Couple Photographer- Kate Roberge Photography

Watch this, then I'll explain. 

I've been asked a few times do so some "sample" shots for a product before being hired or do a free shoot that will gain me 'exposure' haha no thanks...but then when I react like these guys, people think I'm being bitchy. lol, okay mate.

Don't get me wrong, if a company or person is looking to build a mutual ongoing relationship with equal gains such as product use or a trade of services, or it is an art concept where everyone is putting in their time to create one collective project, cool. But if you are a 'blogger' who thinks that by hiring me for FREE photos, and posting those photos on your "successful american blog with over 100,000 monthly readers in california" will do me any good. Please just don't. Leave and never come back. I don't like you.