You Still Don't Have A Reason For A Headshot.... Bullshit

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In my opinion, everyone from Actors to Lawyers should have a professionally taken headshot in their back pocket. Even if your company or agency doesn't necessarily require one, they amp up your business game in many circumstance.

For example, let's say you've written a killer articles for the local newspaper.. but you don't send along a headshot with it so they just look you up on LinkedIn, to use your profile picture as the photo for the article. Bad news for you, your LinkedIn Profile photo is a photo of you from a conference three years ago in Dunedin.. bad light, old hairstyle and let's be honest, probably has a weird orange tinge and an awkward crop. Is that what you want people being introduced to your brand for the first time to think of you? (The only acceptable answer is HELL NO!)

This is a real life example (below). I found a photo of myself that was similar to about 60% of the LinkedIn Profile photos I see (left), THEN I took a headshot of myself (with magic and a tripod) of what an actual photographer's headshot should look like (right). Who would you rather hire? 

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Kate Roberge Photography- Queenstown Portrait photographer

Omg, or god forbid, a selfie... selfies should stay within the realms of Snapchat, Instagram and your PERSONAL Facebook. THANK YOU.  Just no -->


Having a good and professional portrait of yourself be the first thing a client sees of you makes things memorable. We are bombarded with content every second of the day, and lets be honest, most of it is absolute shit. If you grace someone who is a.) looking for the kind of service you provide, b.) is used to going through Facebook least 4 times a day and c.) knows a thing or two about quality, with a great headshot- you are 60% more likely to be contacted by them. No joke, that's an actual statistic. 60% of people poled said they were more likely to cold contact someone with a friendly and high quality headshot. Also, lets not forget people will be more likely to remember you if they can match a face to the name. If I were you, I would first: book a headshot session and then second: plaster that shit EVERYWHERE! I'm talking business cards, advertisements, articles you write, your website, press releases. Make that photo a wee slut, it should be all around town.


You are your brand. Even if you work for someone else, you are representing whatever you work for.  Tim Cook isn't Apple, but you sure as hell know him as soon as you think Apple. Thats because people want to work with and buy from other PEOPLE, not some faceless brand (those are creepy.) Every step of the way, people want to know you're right there with them, and what's the best way to do that? .... don't be cheeky, obviously its a HEADSHOT. Your headshot can help you bring your corporate personality into many things, ie. your email signature, your weekly or monthly newsletter, LinkedIn, your CV, articles you write for a blog, your ABOUT ME page )that is an absolute definitely must have) or perhaps your book jacket if you are an author. STILL DON'T HAVE A REASON FOR A HEADSHOT? (if you said yes, I am calling your bluff big time btw.) 

Even as an actor, casting directors won't even let you into the audition if you don't have a good and professional photo of yourself. And guess what sweet heart, as an actor, your face and your talent are your brand! That that magical snowflake inside of you show with an awesome headshot! Again, lets explore the before and after. who would you rather have in for an audition? (pst, the answer is the one on the right.) Same person (me), same makeup, same hair- the difference- A professional took the one on the right. 

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Okay, I know I kind of touched on this one already.. but if you have any kind of website or online profile (aka. you AREN'T a dinosaur) you NEED a headshot. That is non-negotiable. Seriously, its almost unnatural in 2016 to not have at least one good photo of your team/ self/ office. Even Google Business requires one to complete your business page. And yet alas, so many people are still using selfies and god-awful photos of themselves. WHY?!? Don't you know its making you look like a chump?! LinkedIn, Email Signatures, Website Banner, About Us Pages, Online blogs, etc. They all need your face, and they all need to show you at your best. 

Here is my last example. This is an email signature I did up for one of my clients. They are a Small Business Insurance Company in Canada. They hired me to create headshots and email signatures for all of their employees. The one down below is for one of the Admins. She isn't the face of the business, but she still deals with a lot of clients and is the first point of contact when people enquire about a quote. Her email signature used to be: 

Queenstown Corporate Business Headshot photographer

That sounds fine, looks fines, its fine. JUST FINE. Now let's peak into what they look like now eh?

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It's the same wording sure, but dang that looks better. i would call her, and I would definitely feel comfortable asking her my questions. The power of headshots... I'm telling you, it's important. That first contact is important. As soon as you have the trust of people, you have their attention. period. 


IN CONCLUSION, please get a headshot taken for your business. It doesn't have to be from me, but please, get a professional to take your photo. It's important. 


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