2017 // A Year Ahead

Kate Roberge Photography | Queenstown Elopement, Couple, Engagement Photographer

2016 was kind of a bitch... but also really cool. Mixed feelings.. definitely. I think 2016 was the perfect year in a way, it was the year I set all my goals, realised I could do this thing called business and found out how much hard work needs to be put into this both creatively and business wise. 

I know I'm super SUPER late to the game, but I wanted to write these down both for myself, as a message to where my business is growing and to put it out there in the universe. I came across this post by Jenna Kutcher and I think it is a great wee inspiration to start off the blog with. It has been chilling out on my desktop since January and I've probably read it at least once a day this year. 


These are all the things I'm going to personally be working on for myself, that, and learning to finally speak French (open to trading language lessons! xx) As for business, I've come up with the 5 main goals down below. This is going to be a year of even more growth, even more inspiration and even more epicness! xx

Okay, first off, one thing I would like to accomplish this year is upgrading all my gear. The gear I have now is wonderful and works really well but I'm setting my sights on some upgrades and some new things that will make life (and weddings) a lot easier for me. This past year, I've been working to really understand my equipment and now feel like it's an extension of myself- now I'm just going to add to it. 


Simply put, I'm putting this out there into the universe. This is my main goal this year, to fill up my weeks with 3 epic sessions and create some damn good art with damn cool people. By 2018, I'm going to be booked out until April 2018 and will be booking from Thursday- Sunday. That may sound overly confident, but I'm holding it more as a reminder for myself to work hard and get to that place. Woo for high goals!! 


There are so many amazing places to submit shoots to, this is the year! I plan to submit 4 dream sessions to 4 magazines and see what happens (If you think you and your love could be of help, hit me up!). Before this year, I was afraid to submit because of rejection. But I've realised thats dumb and I shouldn't let something as silly as fear stop me. So here's to a year of facing fears and getting shit done. 


I am going to travel this year, thats a promise. For photography, for life, it's happening! Ideally I would book at least 2  elopements/ weddings overseas but definitely open for more ;) 


Before 2016, I hadn't really done much with the whole social thing but I'm so glad I got into it when I did. Instagram has opened me up to whole communities of creatives that just want to see one another succeed and thanks to Facebook's algorithm, my news feed has turned into a forever going list of inspiration. This year, I am going to work on building both up more to A. interact with even more creative geniuses and B. reach out to people who might like what I'm all about.  By 2018, I'm aiming for 2k followers on Instagram and 1.5k on Facebook. There is going to be quite a bit of work I have to put in, but I'm so ready! 


So what are your 2017 goals? Are they still the same from the beginning of the year, or have you switched them up a bit? Would love to know in the comments down below!