Valentines Day Surprise! xox

Kate Roberge Photography - Queenstown Photographer

We are in the final days before Valentines Day, the count down is on for all you romantics out there! Seeing as it is so soon, I thought it would only be fitting to treat you couples with a GIVEAWAY!  Perfect for if you've been a bit of a slacker on the V-Day planning (I'm definitely in that boat). Surprise your special someone with a couples shoot and get a years quota of cute in-love Insta pics. 

Kate Roberge Photography - Queenstown Photographer

What's more romantic than getting to dress up in some nice, comfortable clothes, go on a date with your love to a beautiful spot around Queenstown and basically cuddle, kiss and laugh together for an hour out of your day, of which, is documented beautifully for you to have forever? Answer: nothing. We often don't make that time for ourselves, where the phones are gone, the tv is off or you aren't moving around and not focusing on one another and how dang much you care for one another- let's change that.

This little giveaway is for all couples- engaged, married, or dating. It will only be valid in Queenstown, Wanaka or Cromwell/ surrounding areas- but for the couples who live outside of these areas, if you're willing to come add a wee Queenstown holiday to the adventure, you can enter too! 

Kate Roberge Photography - Queenstown Photographer

I will be giving away 1 free in-home or on location couples session. This includes all the boring stuff on my end, like location scouting, planning, outfits guides, blah, blah blah and exciting things like a gallery of images for you to cherish forever! 

Now, how to enter: 

1. ) Follow this link to my Facebook:

2. ) Like my Facebook account (Kate Roberge Photography)

3. ) Find the "Giveaway" photo (it literally says giveaway on the image so should be quite easy for ya) and  tag 2 sweet/epic couple friends who you think would be interested (I will be checking so no tagging randoms)

And bam! Just like that you're entered. Each 2 couples you tag will count as 1 entry, so feel free to enter as many times as you like! I will be drawing names on the morning of 14th of February, so that it is my little gift for you on the day filled with love!

Kate Roberge Photography - Queenstown Photographer

Questions you could be asking yourself

Is this for real? - heck ya it is, I love meeting new people and I look forward to meeting the lucky winners! 

But wait, what is an in-home session? - In-home sessions are becoming one of my absolute favourite things as of late- we just hangout in the beauty of your own home and surrounding area, drink some coffee, get to know one each other, and you get to get cuddly with your love. Simple as that. 

How will we know if we won or not? - On the morning of the 14th, I will be reaching out to the lucky couple via Facebook to congratulate them. Easy as! 

How do you pick the winners? - I will be putting the names through a random selection app, so it is totally up to fate. 


Best of luck! xx