How to Elope in Queenstown, New Zealand

Kate Roberge Photography | Queenstown Elopement, Couple, Engagement Photographer

So getting married has a hell of alot of steps, you have to find a venue, track down the PERFECT dress, make a guest list, hire all the people to create the day and more. And that all comes with the spending of some serious dough ($$$$$). Many of the couples I work with choose to ditch most of that and elope, most not for money reason or organising reasons- but those are definitely way lighter on your mind when you choose this growing trend for couples. When my clients hire me to capture their elopement, they know it's going to be an intimate affair. We plan everything together, pick the perfect secluded location (Queenstown has MANY to share) and they have the piece of mind that the day will be just for them and their love for one another. 

Kate Roberge Photography | Queenstown Elopement, Couple, Engagement Photographer

I have put this maybe not so little Q+A together to answer every question you need answered for your elopement in Queenstown, New Zealand. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to say hi

Any chance you could recommend an officiant/celebrant for an on-location ceremony?
Definitely! The officiant you hire for your day will set the whole tone for your ceremony, and I've worked with some amazing people who have made my clients' weddings intimate and beautiful, and I'm more than happy to share their contact details with you. They all will give you an unforgettable experience, but one celebrant truely stands out: Kathryn Omond. She is one of the kindest and wonderful celebrants I have ever worked with, and if you hire us both together, you get a package deal! 

Why do you love shooting elopements so much?
What can I tell you? I’m a sucker for intimate love stories. When it's get the four of you (celebrant included) it's just so special, you know? There are no distractions and no pressure to make everything perfect. We just get to go somewhere beautiful, celebrate your love and have fun. I can't imagine anything better than that.

Kate Roberge Photography | Queenstown Elopement, Couple, Engagement Photographer

Do you only photograph elopements or do you do ‘regular’ weddings as well?
Of course I do! I love traditional weddings too, and if that's what you're planning, I would love to be a part of it.


How long before our elopement should we contact you?
Right now is great, preferable 3-4 months in advance is what I tell people for elopements bur really the sooner the better is my philosophy! But, hey, if you decided today to elope tomorrow it’s worth giving me a call or email…maybe I’m available!


Small elopement or huge wedding, a bride wants to look good!
Any tip for a talented make-up artist and hair stylist?

I hear ya. It’s a great idea to hire a make-up artist and/or hair stylist to take care of you. Every bride deserves to look like a million dollars on her day, regardless of guest count. I have a few makeup and hair artists that I have in my rolodex, feel free to ask if you need help choosing. I do work with one makeup + hair team that are the absolute bee's knees though, and would be happy to book them for you. And bonus! If you book us all together you get a discount. Wee for savings! 

Music is the key to the heart. Is there a chance to have someone serenade us during the ceremony?
I love me some good tunes. I've worked with a few GREAT musicians in Queenstown and would be happy to set you up with them- just let me know your taste and I'll send you the dets.

What about a bouquet?
There are soooo many amazing florists in this city. But, of course, that makes it all the more challenging to find the perfect one! I have a list of the best florists I have worked with and trust. I’d love to send you some names.

We are out-of-towners. Can you please help us find a dreamy ceremony location?
This is the question I LIVE FOR. I love scouting locations for my couples. Queenstown has no limit to beautiful spots, but I promise you to find a location that suits your personalities, vibes and adventure levels perfectly. I have options for Help weddings, Cruise weddings, Hiking weddings, and more! 

Kate Roberge Photography | Queenstown Elopement, Couple, Engagement Photographer

Getting married makes us hungry. Where should we go eat?
Ah, another great question. You can't really go wrong here, but I would suggest the Sherwood, RataAmisfield or Jack's Point Clubhouse personally. Those are my top go to's for special occasions.

We are soooo excited, we hardly can stand it! How long until we can see our photos?
I know, I know. The most amazing day in your life and now you have to wait for the images! I always get so excited too, that usually they will be in your inbox by the following week (obviously this changes with the wedding season, but I strive to be quick!) 

Will you be our witness?
Aw, I would be honored to be your witness. Thanks for asking! Just let me know beforehand so I can be ready during the ceremony.

Out of curiosity…where are your clients from?
My lovely clients are from all over the world. Couples visit me from America, Canada, Germany, France, The UK, Russia, Aussie and many more. I am so lucky to experience all these different cultures through the amazing couples I meet and become friends with.

Are you a real kiwi? 
I wish! I'm actually Canadian and have lived in New Zealand for the past two years. But don't be fouled, I know all the good spots around this place and where to get the best fish and chips! 

We are a little lost when it comes to all the papers and licenses we need.
Any chance you can help us with that?

All the paperwork can be overwhelming. I’m happy to help and give advice and sort it out if you wish. I promise, it is not as tricky as you might think it is.

Kate Roberge Photography | Queenstown Elopement, Couple, Engagement Photographer

Even though we are foreigners? You still can help?
I’m a “foreigner” myself remember? So yes, I definitely can help. And if I don’t have the answer for you right away I will do the research and get back to you.

But where did you get all this overwhelming amount of knowledge Kate? And how are you so helpful? 
Because I like you! And because I know that getting married can be a stressful time, and nobody's got time fo that! I try to act as a second wedding planner for my elopement couples, ESPECIALLY if they are from out of town. 

By the way, if you would like to have it all done for you I have a planning package that I can include in your pricelist if you so wish. 

We LOVE Queenstown, but what if we want to get married somewhere else? Would you travel with us? 
Would I?! Listen, you tell me where and when and I’m on my way! Just let me know if I need my Hawaiian shirt, a snow suit or black dress okay? 

I would love to capture your elopement! If you have any more questions or would like to book, you can call me at +64 22 399 7797 or email me at

I cannot wait to hear from you!
Kate Roberge | Kate Roberge Photography