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Kate Roberge Photography | Queenstown Elopement, Couple, Engagement Photographer

When it comes down to it, every person is different. So every proposal is going to be different. Some guys know exactly how their girl would like it to go down, other's need help. With both, I can help. 


Find a someone who will be your "partner in crime"

Having the right person on your team can make the day 10 times better. They can take the steps off, help with planning, make contact wit hall the vendors involved and be the person to bounce ideas and questions off of. When you hire me, you don't only receive beautiful images to remember the moment forever, you also get someone to help you plan everything. 

Kate Roberge Photography | Queenstown Elopement, Couple, Engagement Photographer

Keep it on the D.L.

Is that totally a 90's thing? Does anyone even say DL anymore? Regardless, the less people know, the better. Obviously, her parents should know (because you gotta ask them first) but if you want this moment to come as a complete surprise, you shouldn’t get friends or family involved in any part of it. The more people know, the more likely someone is to spill the beans. 

Usually I recommend only you, me, her parents and your parents know that it's going to happen, and you and I are the only ones who know the specifics. 


Kate Roberge Photography | Queenstown Elopement, Couple, Engagement Photographer

Making It personal

When you think of your partner, do you think simple and natural, elegant and elaborate, or someplace in between? This should be what you ask yourself when you are beginning to plan your proposal. This is your 'movie moment', you've got to nail it (no pressure right?). 

You need to personalize the event. A photographer, harpist, balloons, a release of butterflies at just the right moment or even a cute puppy with “will you marry me?” written on the name tag are all unique elements that can bring your day to life. 


Find the Perfect location

Kate Roberge Photography | Queenstown Elopement, Couple, Engagement Photographer

Okay, lets be real. It would be a pretty big challenge to NOT find something out a fairytale here, but you still have to think about your partner's taste. Are they a very private intimate person? In which case, asking in the middle of Earnslaw park wouldn't be the best idea. On the other hand, if they are all about being the centre of attention (in a good way of course) then a private vineyard shouldn't be on your radar. If you guys have any special memories in Queenstown that you would like to include, let me know and we can incorporate it! 


Create a 'situation'

We want this to be a surprise (duh), so for this you're going to have to be a bit sneaky. Your partner's taste will depend on what your proposal looks like. Does she love to dress to the nines and drink champagne? Or he might be more of an outdoorsy type, and hiking to the top of Queenstown Hill sounds like a better idea. Regardless, when planning your proposal you should like of it as just a 'normal' date.  Obviously, you and I both know it's way more than just a date, but so they don't get suspicious, you should start off your day like any other, and leave the epicness to the very last moment before you pop the big question. 


Kate Roberge Photography | Queenstown Elopement, Couple, Engagement Photographer

Leave it all out there

When you choose what you are going to say to your future bride or groom to be, give yourself time to actually write something out. Think of it as a warm up for your vows, it can be elaborate and poetic or simple and sweet- just remember it should be heartfelt and special to you. No googling allowed on this one. 


Get down on one knee

This is what make it a PROPOSAL. The story always starts with "it was so romantic, he got down on one knee and..." , so don't propose without getting down on one knee. You might think it's stupid, but she won't and when you look back on the day through your photos, you won't either. Plus, it's just sexy as hell. 


And that's it folks. Those are all the tips I've got. For more info on how to plan a proposal or to book in one of the coolest things you'll do in your life, contact me at 

kate Roberge Photography | Queenstown Elopement, Couple, Engagement Photographer
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