How to Choose the Right Photographer For You and Your Wedding

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Okay, so here is something that is probably a bit controversial... If you are shopping around for the best deal with your wedding photographer... you're doing it wrong

I totally understand when people do this, most likely their thought process is "photos are photos- just get the best deal.. they can't range that much?". 

Photographers can range crazily, in price, style, the way they run the show, what you are receiving  from your package, WHAT YOUR BUDGET IS, etc, etc (I could literally go on for days). It can get really overwhelming if you don't know where to start. So let's go over how this can be, I mean... we all have the same goal in mind when walking into your wedding, right? (spoiler: not all the time no) 



Traditional vs. Documenting


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First things first, there are two (read: a billion) very different ways to photograph a wedding. And depending on what kind of memories you want, how you'll be using the photos and what your personally is, you should really know where you sit on this spectrum before even beginning to look at photographers. 

        Traditional - with traditional photography, although documentary is quite 'in trend' at the moment, you're looking at more posed images. We're talking lots of portraits looking at the camera, bridal party in a row all looking beautiful, possibly a lot of group shots with your loved ones. This kind of photography would be all the 

       Documentary - this is me, I don't really tend to pose my couples all that much and more just go with the flow 



We Have To Click (haha see what I did there) 


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Making sure you go well with your photographer is super important. You may like their work, but not be compatible with how they create it. For example, I am all about the PDA and spontaneity of love, if you guys aren't even comfortable holding hands in public.... probably not going to work between us. The photos would just end up with you feeling awkward, not wanting to do anything and mainly just get photos of forced hugs, not that cool.  

Your photographer wants to connect extremely well with you so that you can get the most out of our experience together. So when you are going through their website, make sure you read their words as well as look at their images, this way you'll know their voice and if it connects with your inner you.

I want you to have someone that is going to be over the moon excited to show up on your session, to capture your memories, and that you feel is a friend.  These are your forever memories, and none of us take that responsibility lightly.



Dolla Dolla Bills Yo

The finally thing to have a think about is budget. I know.. you're probably thinking, "But Kate! You started this whole blog thing telling me I shouldn't make my decision based on money?!"

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No, I said don't shop around based only on money. If you have found the photographer you want, they check all the boxes, and you think you're basically long lost siblings, but then they get back to you with a price you just can't match, you have a few options.

Option A - Have another go at looking for someone who has a similar style, and then ask them.

Option B - Ask them if they have payment plans available! Your photographer's goal is to take kick-ass photos of kick-ass people and they will help you make that happen, usually for just a small fee to cover the bank changes. Although asking for a 'deal' will very rarely work, asking if they have payment options such as paying a little bit up until the wedding, is always going to work out for you both. They get to be a part of an awesome as hell day, and you guys get to look back on your photos with love. 

I can definitely say you get what yo pay for. With experience comes the higher rate, and the insurance that your day will be captured the way you want it. So when looking at price, definitely be conscious of it, but know that it's an investment. 



All in all, if you love the work, and you can see yourself in the subjects and in the photographer's word - reach out, get excited! Finding the right photographer for your day is amazing, and knowing they will create the memories you look back on for years to come should make the whole thing really real! 

If you have had a read through my site and think I'm that person, head over here and let's get started! 

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