Anna + Donn // Engagement Session

Anna + Donn came to visit Queenstown to plan their elopement, and while here we met up and did a wee engagement shoot at some of the locations they were looking at for the ceremony locations. Let me just saw now, we did not narrow down the options 😅 

I'm not going to lie though this shoot wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, this was probably one of the most stressful days of my life! It had been raining all day (I'm talking POURING!). I was calling indoor locations, we were cancelling then uncancelling the shoot, we were all drown rats before the session started and then LITERALLY 5 minutes before we were scheduled to start the rain downpour lifted, and there was .. intact... rainbows. 

Shooting right after a rain storm, although stressful is my favourite! I've never had THAT CLOSE of a call before, but believe it or not, during most of my session days, it rains up until an hour before we are scheduled to go ahead. And it's always amazing. It definitely means I always get a 'are we still going to go for it?' call, but my answer is always, 'hells to the yes!!' Even if it does rain during the shoot, it makes for one hot tamale of a session. Next week I'll actually be posting an example of that, one where the clients were definitely hesitant and when I delivered the gallery all they said was, 'holy shit, you were so right!' 


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