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Boudoir is a courageous and empowering experience, that I feel everyone should have at least once in their lifetime, "model" or not. Booking a boudoir photoshoot can be scary as hell, but believe me when I say, booking a photoshoot where you just get to be sexy, confident and wear smokin' lingerie for the day is way better soul food than something frivolous like a chocolate butter croissant. 

Queenstown boudoir photography


1. We know what we are talking about

As a photographer, I have probably done over 400 photoshoots. I KNOW when I tell you to push your chin forward it feels ridiculous. That arm pretzel I just made you tackle? Ya don't worry, I know that feels silly too. But hey, I wouldn't make you do those things if it didn't make you look FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC, and if it didn't I would direct you to do something else. My best advice for dealing with the silly things I make you do is, find your groove, have fun and try to make it hot af. I have faith in you! 

2. We are professionals

If you didn't like the photos I created, you wouldn't hire me in the first place, but you did, so shush. Odds are, the photos you looked at of others on my website or on social media, were posed and set up by me and the girl was thinking the exact same thing as you. It's not fun if it's not a wee bit weird. 

3. We are creative

Photography is an art and the clients body is the canvas. Trust that I have an eye for how to make your boudoir photoshoot look amazing. If you solemnly swear to trust me, you will be left with beautiful artwork of which you are the subject, lucky you ;). 

4. We don't have bias towards insecurities

Everyone has insecurities, things they don't want anyone to notice or see, but I won't shy away from any bit of you.  Upon hearing that, it can sound a bit scary, but not to worry, I promise it's not. As a photographer, I have experience photographing ALL body types and so I know how to make them look like a hundred bucks! I won't judge you in you think your thighs are big or your boobs are too small, instead, I will take photos of you that will show you yourself in a new light. vulnerable, confident and freakin gorgeous! 

5. Our main objective is to make you feel good

Queenstown Boudoir Photography

At the end of the day, it's my job to make you feel beautiful. That's what boudoir photography is about, empowering and showing you how amazing your body is- how perfectly you, you are. During the shoot we will play, laugh and learn about each other and once you see your images, I hope you see yourself in a new light and remember our wonderful day together.

If you would like to book a shoot,  please send me a message! I pride myself on how quickly and efficiently I respond to client messages! As for location, I am open to bookings in Queenstown throughout the year, but often travel so feel free to reach out if you aren't from Queenstown- follow my Kate Roberge Photography Facebook Page to keep up to date for travel notices- I often book shoots in groups if I get enough in a particular town. 

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