Why I Don't Believe You're "Unphotogenic" // Just My Opinion

"I hate getting my photo taken."

Queenstown Boudoir Photographer

I couldn't even begin to count the number of people who tell me they have anxiety when they have to get their photo taken. And to be honest, sometimes I'm one of those people. I get it, it's hard to see yourself through someone else's eyes.. photos show you everything you judge yourself on every day. It shows you that everyone else can see all the little things you're insecure about and that's scary as hell. But guess what, they can't.

Queenstown Boudoir- Love yourself

While I'm behind the camera with my clients, I see their beautifully green eyes or the awesome way their nose crinkles when they smile. There is no way that I or anyone else can tell that the woman in front on my lens hates her nose underneath the cute crinkle because she broke it in her 20's and can only see that when she sees herself.  I won't see that, her husband won't see that, her friends won't see it either.

All of our insecurities are inward stories and pre-concepts we have of ourselves. They are only in our heads, my friend. 

When I lived in Vancouver for and took the Skytrain every day for school, I used to people watch and think of ways to photograph all the different people I passed and how I would represent their personality and unique features through images.

For 2 years, I didn't see a single person I wouldn't have loved to photograph. Everyone is beautiful, everyone is unique, and you should NEVER feel like you aren't good enough to be photographed. You are, I promise.