B R A N D S 

I have a  passion for being able to capture and create a story/ vibe for your customers to connect with. Something that tells a story about who you are and why the thing you bring into this world is amazing. I focus on capturing the real raw stuff, the people who make it happen, the process that makes it unique and giving the viewer a small taste of what they are about to get themselves into. Whether it be a class, a product, a location, a service, etc and etc, I'm excited to capturing it! 




I absolutely love to capture the way people heal themselves and improve their lives from exercise, yoga, healthy eating, retreats and all that jazz! The people who put so much love into helping others find a better way is truly inspiring and being about to put that into imagery is an amazing experience. 



Personal Brand

Creating a personal brand and showing the person (or people) behind the talent is an amazing tool for your business. It eliminates the awkward 'is that her?' in the coffee shop before your big meeting, it allows you to share your passion for your art and it also makes your customers trust you almost right off the bat. By letting people into your space, you creating a place of trust and friendship that is quite hard to communicate through just a stiff headshot. 




Having strong branding images can be make or break for your bottom line. People don't often buy blind, and even if you do have images but they suck - people most likely aren't going to want it then anyways. They want to be able to imagine folding it, feeling it and it making their lives awesome! I specialising in natural light product photography, including fashion, food (but see below for more about that) and cool packaging! 



Food + Beverage

Creating and capturing the delicious side of life. Anyone who knows me, or has been on a food shoot with me can tell you - I'm passionate about this one. When I was young, I used to look through my mum's cookbooks and actually read them like bedtime stories. Of course... lucky for me the skill for cooking didn't really get passed on (sarcasm... I'm an extremely average chef), but I definitely retained the love for gorgeous looking menus, and I'm a sucker for minimal yet modern plating.