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C A P T U R I N G   A U T H E N T I C , I N T I M A T E  

+   U N P O S E D   L O V E   S T O R I E S


Let's get real with this love stuff. The genuine, silly, sarcastic, teasing, juicy love that makes you YOU. Make me jealous! I want to capture the kind of love that gives you butterflies, the stuff that you can look back on and be in the moment all over again with. The laughs, the inside jokes, the quirks, the little things you maybe have never said out loud, lets get all of it! I capture things that move me and hope to give you images that move you. 

Tell me your story, and lets start on the path to creating your perfect day. xx

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M Y   K I N D A   C O U P L E

You might be my kind of couple if you don't care too much about your jeans getting a bit dirty, your hair being a bit messy, and laughing your head off with your #1. If you think getting down to that raw emotional stuff, the stuff that makes you giggle and the stuff that makes your eyes hot, we will get along just fine. I want you and I to work together to create something that is uniquely, perfectly + beautifully you.  (Bonus points if you have a fuzzy friend to bring along to your shoot.) 

If this sounds even a little like you, I promise you'll be in good hands. xx


"We had a shoot with Kate and it was our first ever photoshoot. She made us feel so at ease and comfortable, and what we thought might have been awkward was just a whole lot of fun - we'll always remember it and will treasure the beautiful moments she captured for us."


A N G E L A  +  J A M I E


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I T ’ S M O R E J U S T


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