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H i   T h e r e ! 

I'm so excited you reached out to me. I can't wait to hear all about the once in a lifetime day you have planned ahead of yourselves! I hope through this guide you find we would be a killer team and I get to be there to celebrate that day right along side you both. In this wee packet here, you'll find a bit about me and how I work, my packages and some FAQs to help you better understand how I operate.


Wether it's going to be the biggest party of your life, or an intimate mountain top vow exchange between just the two of you. I will put my full heart into capturing images that will last you a lifetime. 

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Okay, first things first! 

We'll be great together if- 


1. You're cool letting your hair blow in the wind, your dress move freely and laugh your heads off together! No fuss and no fluff


2. You want photos that reflect the way the day felt, not just looked. The good, the crazy and the wild. 


3.  You value interactions and emotion more than material things. I do take photos of details, but I definitely concentrate on the feelings and interactions of the day more. 


4. You can not  WAIT for your day, not just for the event/production, but because you get to marry your person. Love is all that matters in the end to me, bit cheesy but 110% true


5. Finally, you're ready to create something magical and know that it takes time. Giving me creative control when it comes to portraits is very important to me. I don't just want my couples to come away with me for 10 minutes behind the wall of the venue for some quick shots, I really care about bringing you somewhere amazing and giving you that time together to feel what your day means to you. 

“Kate has a personality as genuine and beautiful as her pictures!! She feels like a long lost friend the minute you meet her, and makes your entire
session feel like your having a casual afternoon frolicking in nature with a good buddy. Not only did I leave smiling, I was so so pleased with the
wonderful, magic she captured! She really does capture your personality and spices it up with playful light, sun and her unique touch. Work with her, you won't regret it”


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elopements + intimate weddings 

I can't even tell you how much I love a small, intimate setting for your wedding day. There's no stress, minimal planning, you can spend all your money on everything you've dreamed of, and you can do it in an incredibly beautiful place not possible when you have a large group of guests

Sounds perfect right?

Eloping isn't for everyone but when you know, you know. If you are all about that stress-free life and don't care about getting soaked in the rain or under a waterfall and are emotionally prepared to cry your eyes out, then I think we are going to be best friends. I classify elopements/ intimate weddings as two to thirty people. 

If you are on the fence, get in touch with me about a few alternatives I've share with some of my couples who have a big wedding, but do something special with me first. It's pretty rad and I highly suggest it to all of my couples. 


3600 | Collection One

+ 6hrs coverage
+ online gallery w/ printing rights
+ 300+ color + bw images
+ location scouting
+ timeline assistance
+ keepsake box + my favs

2400 | Collection Two 

+ 4hrs coverage
+ online gallery w/ printing rights
+ 300+ color + bw images
+ location scouting
+ timeline assistance

1400 | Collection Three

+ 2hrs coverage
+ online gallery w/ printing rights
+ 150+ color + bw images
+ location scouting
+ timeline assistance


"As a couple it was wonderful for our relationship, we hugged and kissed more than ever and laughed so much. It made us
 remember who we are as a couple, with this crazy business of life we often forget to stop and take time to appreciate each other. This day was extremely special and now we have photos to remind us of why we love each other so much and keep us grounded when life gets busy.”


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Wedding Photography

The Big "W". 

If you are getting in touch with me, then you are probably right at the beginning of wedding planning and you just realized that you have to make 10000 huge decisions all at once and it's so overwhelming am I right? 

Well, let me just pause and say this because I think it's really important. 

Investing in good wedding photography is the most important investment you can make on your wedding day. I'm not even being bias, my clients have told me so! 

Just think about it, it's the only tangible thing that you can take away to relive your day over + over again. They live longer than your flowers, the cake, you'll get more use out of them than your wedding dress. They are passed onto your kids, your grandkids, and grow in value over the years.

They are so important. I want to give you something amazing that you can hold on to and cherish for years to come. It shouldn't be something that you are willing to cut corners on, I don't treat it that way, and if you don't either then we are perfect for each other. 


4600 | Collection One

+ unlimited hrs coverage (up to 14 hours)
+ online gallery w/ printing rights
+ 600+ color + bw images
+ location scouting
+ timeline assistance
+ keepsake box + my favs
+ complimentary engagement or newly wed session

4200 | Collection Two 

+ 8hrs coverage
+ online gallery w/ printing rights
+ 400+ color + bw images
+ location scouting
+ timeline assistance
+ complimentary engagement or newly wed session

3800 | Collection Two 

+ 6hrs coverage
+ online gallery w/ printing rights
+ 300+ color + bw images
+ location scouting
+ timeline assistance
+ complimentary engagement or newly wed session


"Kate was amazing to work with! Easy going, open minded, generous in spirit and heart, and also her eye for framing and edits are top notch! Got our photos at lightning speed simply because she couldn't stop editing, that is pure passion! If you're looking for someone warm and would make your awkwardness beautiful, Kate is THE person to go to! We had so much fun plus we got to keep all the insanely beautiful images, why not?"


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400 | Day After Sessions


Now that the pressure is off and you're still on your wedding day high, let's take advantage of that! We meet the day after your wedding, you put your wedding clothes back on, and we shoot at a location that wouldn't be accessible on the wedding day due to time limitations. It allows for a more relaxed wedding day schedule since we have more photo time the next day! No rush, no worrying about not having enough time for photos, and way more relaxed and genuine photos.

+ 1hr session
+ online gallery w/ printing rights
+ 30+ color + bw images
+ My guide to rock your couple session
+ travel is additional and based on location



1000+ | Badass Helicopter 

This can really be the cherry on top for your day! Together we pick a rockin mountain top location and frolic, enjoy the sites and take photos in a once in a breathtaking location for an hour (they quote 45 minutes but they are all great guys and can push it out a bit). I promise, you won't forget this one! 



400+ | A Second Shooter

Although I'm great at running around like a crazy person on my own, some couples prefer to have a second shooter to capture all the extra details (ie. the boys showing up at the church, the guests while we are away for portraits and just additional images). If this sounds like something you would like to explore, let me know and we can chat more about what you want your day to look like. 



300+ | Prints 

I offer a collection of handmade, museum quality and carefully curated prints, canvases, boxes and albums. For more info on these, just let me know and I can show you what I offer. 



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What is it like to work with you?

No awkward posing. More documenting & natural direction.

I like to be involved in the planning process. I have a guide to help you plan for photos, timeline, light, etc. Whether you want my opinion on scheduling or what shoes to get, I'm here to help!

On your wedding day, I won't do posey portraits or the typical “pinterest” shots. I want to capture how you felt, the mood, the “outtakes”, and the unscripted moments.

I'll give you direction, while photographing what happens naturally as you respond, to me and to each other. It’s less about the posing and more about the direction and cues I give you. I’ll ask questions, get you talking, and bring out those natural responses!

For the rest of the day, I keep it mostly documentary, capturing the natural moments as they happen. I won't step in and change the naturally occurring emotion.

And I do shoot “formal” family/bridal party shots, I just don't spend a ton of time of the posey stuff.

We are the most awkward people you will ever meet, are we goners?

Absolutely not! Most of my couples tell me they're awkward in front of the camera, even the ones that might look very natural in my portfolio. My job is to make you feel comfortable, break that awkward barrier, and draw out your genuine selves. So don't worry, you don't need to be model pros, you just need to be honest, open, and remember how into each other you are, and you'll be great! 

Do you work with a shot list?

Not a written shot list. I've photographed enough weddings that my "shot list" is a mental one, and revolves more around moments as opposed to material things. I believe that a strict check list is not conducive to creativity and photojournalism. However, I do like to have a check list of family groups to photograph, since families are unique and I want to make sure we get all the formal groups you want!

Do you have backups?

Abso-freakin-lutely! I always have backup gear with me, and I backup your photos to multiple drives as well as to online backup, or "the cloud" as they call it ;-)

Do you deliver all the images and how long will they take to get to us? 

You can expect about 40-50 images per hour, depending on your wedding timeline and hours of coverage. That might sounds SUPER low to you, but remember thats an average. During times like the ceremony, you best believe I'll be snapping my heart out and you'll receive all the photos of what happened, but dairying times like speeches and dinner, I'm not going to be taking a million photos of each speaker nor of people with their mouths full, so during that there will be less images. 

Your images are guaranteed no later than 6 weeks after your wedding day, but will most likely come within 4-5 weeks!

We need you in our lives, how do we do that? 

All you need to make it official is a signed contract and a 50% retainer! I do all my contracts online, through StudioNinja, so it's all quick and easy and paper-free!

Can we print our own images and post them on social media?

Yup! You get personal printing rights, so you can use your photos for any personal use (which means you just can't sell them). You can print them, make albums, give them as gifts, etc. And you're welcome to share them online of course! I just ask that you give photo credit and not add filters so all your friends can know where to go if they want me to take their photo :) !



I'm here to help, so you can always feel free to email me with any questions. 

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Buh bye! Until we talk again!