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I'm so excited you reached out to me. I can't wait to hear all about you and your love!  I hope through this guide you find we would be a killer team and I get to be there to capture this special time in your life. In this wee packet here, you'll find a bit about me and how I work/ plan a proposal, my packages and some FAQs to help you better understand how I operate.

Wether we're going to hike up to the top of a mountain or take a drive down to the lake. Either way, I know we are going to create magic! 

"Kate was so helpful for our proposal shoot. She helped with everything from finding a location, to not helping me not be so awkward during the shoot. (Not to forget to mention the stunning photos...) I couldn't have asked for a better photographer for our special moment."


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Okay, first things first! 

We'll be great together if-


1. You're cool letting your hair blow in the wind, and getting your boots a bit muddy. This isn't the time for those pricey heels girl ;) 


2. You want photos that reflect the way the day felt, not just looked. The good, the crazy and the wild. 


3.  You value interactions and emotion more than material things. No need to wear that designer dress or spend hours on your makeup, the point of these photos it to show who YOU are, not who you can make yourself look like. 


4. You can not keep your hands off each other! PDA is welcome on your shoot haha! 


5. Finally, you're ready to create something magical and know that it takes time. Giving me creative control when it comes to portraits is very important to me. I don't just want my couples to meet with me in between a Bungy jump and dinner, I really care about bringing you somewhere amazing and giving you memorable time together. It's not just a slot in the day, this is something that will last you a lifetime. 


"Kate was absolutely amazing! She suggested a beautiful location for our proposal and did such a wonderful job facilitating a shoot following the big moment. The shots turned out beautifully and we could not be happier. Thank you so much for making the moment all the more special, Kate!!"


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How To Plan Your Proposal


1.  What kind of proposal you want 

This can often be decided using a 1-10 scale from intimate to outrageous! 

It's going to influence everything else about your proposal, but honestly, it's usually pretty easy to figure out. I'm all about helping you create the perfect moment, so through a few emails and a phone or FaceTime call, we can go through it together and create something magical for your partner that is exactly you. 


2. Find a  location you connect with

Are you two big into hiking? I would suggest a mountaintop! Love wine? Plan it to be on a picnic by the lake!

There are so many ways to make your proposal special, and really wow your partner. Once we've determined what kind of proposal you want, then I will lay out a few location options I think would suit you both, and you can decide from there.


3. Decide how you want it to go down. During a shoot or am I hiding? 

 There are two ways your proposal can go down. The first option is, we pretend the photoshoot is the gift for your partner, and then at the very end (I'll give you a queue), once they are convinced it was just a photoshoot, you pop the question and I get the camera out again. This option is a good one if you have an anniversary or other gift giving opportunity coming up. The  second is, you two go somewhere and I'm hiding in the bushes or blending in as a jogger or something like that, you and I come up with a signal so I'm ready and when you get down on one knee I jump out and start shooting away. 

Both work really well, and have different benefits. The first is more natural and I can get closer, you'll also be dressed so you look 'photoshoot ready'. The second is more of a surprise, and you can be doing another activity right before it all happens. 


4. Set a time and date

I like to plan your proposal toward the beginning of your time in Queenstown. That way, we are covered if it rains on our scheduled date (we can just push it back) and you have time to enjoy your trip and not worry about the whole thing.

As for timing, I recommend 1 hour before sunset on a sunny day, or after noon on a cloudy day. This is just so the light is pretty even and no matter what happens in the moment your photos will be lit well. 


5. We confirm day of and get our plan straight

No matter what kind of proposal you choose, I'm big into signals. I'll send you an email on the day, going over all the details and timing (including what action or verbiage you or I will use to signal the proposal is about to happen) so we are on the same page. You'll also have my phone number so you can text me what's going down. 


6. It all goes down! 

So at this point you and I have decided a location, a time and a signal. We show up, it goes down and everyone is happy as hell! I then head back to my computer and edit all your images by the next day, so you can announce the good news with some epic quality photos! 



My goal is to make this all as stress-free and awesome as possible, for both you and your partner so you can enjoy the once in a lifetime moment. Although the list above can make it sound really complex and stressful, after we chat and I get to know what your relationship is like, its as easy as deciding a time, location and shoot type. If you keep scrolling you'll find an example of a photoshoot proposal. 


Here is a blog I wrote that really gets into all this stuff and a few other tips!  - How To Rock Your Proposal


"Kate was amazing to work with! Easy going, open minded, generous in spirit and heart, and also her eye for framing and edits are top notch! Got our photos at lightning speed simply because she couldn't stop editing, that is pure passion! If you're looking for someone warm and would make your awkwardness beautiful, Kate is THE person to go to! We had so much fun plus we got to keep all the insanely beautiful images, why not?"


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What A Proposal Looks Like


Here is a gallery of just the proposal part of a session so you can have an idea of what it might look like. This was as we were walking back from our 'finished' photoshoot. I told them that the rock looked so cool, why not get a few last shots. 

Oliver and I had discussed how because they live in the city, Nikki would love a proposal surrounded by nature with Queenstown mountains in the background as it's her favourite place. It was also their anniversary, so he told her as a present he booked a photoshoot. We shot around Kelvin Heights, the whole time I gave them instructions to make one another feel special and talk about why they loved one another. I find even though from the outside that can sound really cheesy, during the session, it just makes what is about to happen that much more special, because you and your partner are in that space of appreciation for one another. 

For the actual question, I had them first stand together then take a step apart and turn around on the count of three (Oliver and I had decided this would be the best way to do it) and give one another the biggest hug ever, Nikki didn't expect what happened next AT ALL! 



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1200 | Collection One

+ 2hrs coverage (before or after proposal w/ option for multiple      locations)
+ online gallery w/ printing rights
+ 50+ color + bw images
+ same day photo delivery
+ location scouting + proposal planning help
+ my guide to rocking your couple session 

700 | Collection Two

+ 1hrs coverage (before or after proposal)
+ online gallery w/ printing rights
+ 20+ color + bw images
+ 1 day photo delivery
+ location scouting + proposal planning help
+ my guide to rocking your couple session 


"We just received our photos and we can't stop looking at them! They capture our excitement and happiness of our engagement so well, we can't believe it! I was so worried my partner was going to be really awkward but he warmed up to Kate so quickly because of her great personality! The location she chose was perfect and beautiful! Like her website says, she really does feel like your long lost best friend. I love how she didn't ask us to do awkward poses and loved the spontaneity of the photo shoot! Thank you Kate for everything!"


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700+ | Badass Helicopter 

This can really be the cherry on top for your day! Together we pick a rockin mountain top location and frolic, enjoy the sites and take photos in a once in a breathtaking location for an hour (they quote 45 minutes but they are all great guys and can push it out a bit). I promise, you won't forget this one! For proposals usually I bring along my partner and pretend we are just another couple until it all happens! 



150 | Add Another Location 

Add a location to split your time up between multiple cool spots. I don't count travel into the time of your session, so for say a two hour session, we can do an hour in one place and then an hour somewhere else. Maybe you want to pop the question somewhere special and take your photos on top of a mountain? This lets you do that.



400 Discount | Wedding Booking

If you book your wedding with me after your proposal, you receive $400 off your wedding package. Whoop whoop! 



300+ | Prints 

I offer a collection of handmade, museum quality and carefully curated prints, canvases, boxes and albums. For more info on these, just let me know and I can show you what I offer. 



I'm here to help, so you can always feel free to email me with any questions. 

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