V E N D O R S 


For your convenience and my benefit (the cooler vendors you have, the more epic your photos will be), here are a few of my FAVs when it comes to anything and everything wedding/elopement. These ladies are the cream of the crop, and I always love seeing them on the big day. 

Queenstown wedding makeup photography

Make-up - Eve Makeup Artistry

This woman knows how to use a makeup brush, I'm always left says 'holy shit!' when she's done her magic! Quick, beautiful and professional are three words that come to mind when I think about Genevieve's work. 

w.  www.evemakeupartistry.co.nz

e.   info@evemakeupartistry.co.nz

p.   +64 21 622 89

Hair - Beautiful Bridal Hair 

Claire can do whatever look you've dreamt of for your wedding, but 10 times better. She's always lightens the morning and does the job with ease and smiles. Honestly, every time I see her work I automatically feel excited about what I get to capture! 

w.   www.facebook.com/beautifulbridalhair/?ref=br_rs

e.    claire@beautifulbridalhair.co.nz

p.   +64 21 723 523

Queenstown wedding hair

Queenstown florals wedding

Florals - Orange Blossom Designs

Steph's creativity and way she turns even a simple leaf arrangement into art is still beyond me.. I actually have no freakin idea how she makes everything she touches so beautiful and yet has a super calm and cool vibe when she rocks up with her masterpieces. 

w.   www.orangeblossomdesigns.co.nz

e.   orangeblossomfloraldesign@gmail.com

p.   +64 21 082 16017

Styling - Juniper Sage

Megan takes a natural and bespoke approach to each wedding she is a part of.  Her eye for detail is amazing and whenever I get to the location she's in charge of my jaw LITERALLY drops, I personally am still convinced she must be magic, but that's another story. She has a way with all things beautiful and for real, makes every space majestic. 

w.   www.junipersage.co.nz

e.   meg.r.glenn@gmail.com

p.   +64 21 121 3213‬

sling Queenstown wedding

Wedding Celebrant Queenstown Photographer

Celebrant - Philippa Thomas 

Philippa is the bees knees and brings epic personality and a range of expertise to each and every ceremony. Each ceremony I've been to has been filled with tears, laughs and lots of love. I personally think the celebrant you pick will set the mood for your marriage, and Philippa is definitely someone who will help you with that. 

w.   www.philippathomascelebrant.com

e.   weddingcelebrantnz@gmail.com

p.   +64 21 144 4430

Cake - White Rabbits Cakes 

I'm not usually one for baked goods, but holy crow, these cakes are amazing! Brittany is for reals one of the best when it comes to cakes in Queenstown. She's creative, caring and even knows how to make someone who is questioning getting a cake for their wedding or elopement, 110% sure. 

w.  www.whiterabbitcakes.com

e.   brittany@whiterabbitcakes.com

p.   +64 21 130 1314

cakes wedding Queenstown

Queenstown Wedding Photographer Dress

Dress + Suit Hire - Nemo 

Great for people on a budget or who want to save their suitcase space for souvenirs or shopping. The ladies at Nemo know what they are doing and have an amazing selection of wedding dresses and suits ranging from James Bond to Mamma Mia. 

w. www.nemo.co.nz

e. info@nemo.co.nz

p. 03 441 4302